The Full Programme for 2021  

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Wednesday 22 September 2021

09.15 Introduction & Welcome

09.30 Pre-op Opioids and Surgical Outcome with Prof Pam Macintyre

10.15 Pain Management in the Emergency Department with Dr Liza Keating

10.55 Refreshment Break

11.10 Cannabinoids: A Road of Discovery with Dr Renée McCulloch

11.50 Acupuncture in PONV with Ruth Roddison

12.30 Lunch

14.00 Off-piste Routes for Methadone with Dr Renée McCulloch

14.40 Pain and the microbiome with Dr Gillian Chumbley

15.20 Refreshment Break

15.35 Working with Patients Who Are Survivors of Torture with Daniel Board

16.15 The Debate: Should modified-release opioids be removed from ERAS protocols? with Dr Jane Quinlan and Dr Mark Rockett

17.15 Review of Day One and Close

18.30 Live Delegates Drinks Reception (Dining times to be confirmed)

19.00 NAPS Awards Presentations Live & Via Zoom

Parallel Session for GP’s: Wednesday 22 September

14.00 Introduction & Welcome

14.10 Weaning Opioids in Chronic Pain with Dr Jane Quinlan

14.50 Psychological Support for Patients with Chronic Pain with Dr Eleanor Bull

15.30 Refreshment Break

15.45 Flippin' Pain presents Mind Your Flippin’ Language with Prof Cormac Ryan

16.45 Review, Thank You & Close

Thursday 23 September 2021


08.00 Optional Sintetica Breakfast Session

09.15 Welcome

09.30 Ask the Experts Panel Session: Prof Pam Macintyre, Felicia Cox and Dr Eleanor Bull

10.30 Poster Presentations

11.30 Refreshment Break

11.45 Ethics of Pain Management & Substance Dependence with Dr Georgina Morley

12.25 The Impact of Language in Pain with Prof. Cormac Ryan

13.05 Lunch and APSIG Meeting (Live & Virtual)

14.05 Faculty of Pain Medicine Discussion with Dr Emma Baird

14.30 The National Acute Pain Symposium Workshops

The Top Five Pain Publications and How to Write for Publication with Felicia Cox

Clinical Hypnotherapy Techniques for Pain Management with Dr Ann Williamson

Essential Pain Management & Training the Trainer with Martin Galligan

Pamela Macintyre Prof Macintyre has been the Director of the Acute Pain Service (APS) at the Royal Adelaide Hospital since 1989. Pamela will deliver two keynote lectures, including Pre-op Opiods and Surgical Outcomes and participate in our Ask the Experts Panel.

Professor Cormac Ryan Cormac is Flippin’ Pain’s frontman- the Community Pain Champion. Outside of Flippin’ Pain he is Professor of Clinical Rehabilitation at Teesside University and will be looking at the Language of Pain and delivering an interactive session with patients.

Georgina Morley PhD is Director of the Nursing Ethics Program (NursE Program), an innovative collaborative program between the Center for Bioethics and the Nursing Institute. Title: Ethics of Pain & Drug Dependence

Felicia Cox   is the lead nurse specialist and head of pain services at Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust. Title: The Top Five Pain Publications from the past year and a dedicated workshop session on writing for publication

Dr Eleanor Bull  Senior Lecturer in Health Psychology at Manchester Metropolitan University. Title: Psychological Evidence in Pain

Dr Gillian Chumbley is the consultant nurse for the pain service at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust. Title: Pain and the Microbiome

Dr Renee McCulloch Consultant in Paediatric Palliative Medicine, Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Foundation Trust. Title 1: We need to talk about cannabis. Title 2: Off-piste routes for methadone.

Dr Liza Keating ICM Training Director and Consultant in Intentsive Care Medicine, Royal Berkshire Hospital. Title: Pain Management in ED

Daniel Board Specialist Pain Physiotherapist at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Trust. Title: Working with Patients Who Are Survivors of Torture

Ruth Roddison, Nurse Specialist at Rotherham Hospital Acupuncture in PONV plus an opportunity to experience this up close and personal

Dr Ann Williamson from the BSCAH will be oncee again delivering the highly popular workshop on Clinical Hypnotherapy Techniques for Pain Management. 

Martin Galligan is a lecturer at The Royal Marsden School with a focus on advanced practice and symptom management   Essential Pain Management & Training the Trainer.