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TENS in Acute Pain - Professor Tim Watson

Improving Acute Pain Services - Professor Winfried Meissner

Implementing Services for Pain in Sickle Cell Crisis - Dr. Kate Ryan

Pain in Patients with Dementia - Identification & Management - Dr Ruth Bartlett

Essential Pain Management - Dr Helen Makins & Dr Sailesh Mishra

Pain Management in Pregnancy & Breastfeeding - Dr Sophie Kimber-Craig

Changing Evidence For Acute Pain Interventions - Dr Mark Rockett

Nurse Revalidation - Ms Felicia Cox

Brief Psychological Interventions in Inpatients (Part 1 & 2) - Dr Zoey Malpus

Pain - An Element of Blank? - Dr Ruth Day

Pain Relief in Radiology - Dr Jeremy Cashman

Update on Managing Pain in Children - Dr Glyn Williams

Patient Journey - Dr Julian Stone

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