The 2021 Poster Competition Opens 1 March 


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2019 NAPS Archive 

Winner:  Chronic and complex pain workload of inpatient pain services (CHIPS) Dr Mark Rockett Derriford Hospital Plymouth | Suchitra Kanagasundaram Peterborough & Stamford Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust


For us this demonstrated a prospective, national study and highlighted the changing nature of the patients seen by the inpatient pain service.  It also tantalisingly suggests a new way or working that could reduce length of stay.

2nd Place: We need to talk about pain in pre-operative assessment

Dr Sarah Mortimer North Bristol NHS Trust | Ms Danielle Swigg North Bristol NHS Trust


This continued the theme of the winning poster in the fact that we have patients entering the service who are complex, taking high doses of opioids and may not be flagged up to the inpatient pain service in advance.  Again a prospective study looking at over 400 patients and we liked the fact that it highlighted the multidisciplinary aspect of inpatient services with the pharmacist being involved.


3rd Place: Peri and post-operative use of gabapentiniods for neuropathic pain after Trauma& Orthopaedic and Vascular surgery.

Dr Emma Baird & Jenny Grey Lancashire Teaching Hospitals


We thought that this was a timely look at the prescribing of gabapentiniods, given the reclassification in 2019.  The literature review picked up no national guidance for discharging patients with these medications.  This large audit of 1500 patient compared data 5 years apart, looking at prescribing habits, advice to patients and GP’s. 


Highly commended:  Acute pain service of today – transitioning to a transitional pain service

Dr Andy NG | Angela Nield | Shin Hann Chia | Blacpool Teaching Hospitals


Again an audit comparing the work of the inpatient pain service in 2012/2018 and how their work has changed.

Poster Competition 2021 Abstract Submission Guidelines
Please ensure you read the guidelines and use the online submission form to submit your poster. Deadline 31 August 2021.

We warmly invite you to submit an abstract to the National Acute Pain Symposium 2021.  All submitted abstracts will be displayed online this year, accessible through a dedicated link on our website. In a change to reflect the nature of the event, contact details and the option for delegates to contact and ask questions, will also be displayed.

Should restrictions be eased for the event, then we will also look at incorporating a display live, but in order to make the poster element accessible to all, our focus will be online this year. 

In our Poster Exhibition, the poster displays are hugely popular, and the number of submissions continues to increase each year. The National Acute Pain Symposium provides an excellent opportunity for individuals and teams to share their ideas and experiences and also to have their work acknowledged. Winners of the Poster Competition then see their abstracts published in the British Pain Journal. Please submit your abstract via email by midnight on 31 August 2021. Please note that registration is required for at least one author of each poster and expenses associated with submissions, and presentations, are the responsibility of the authors.

As the winners’ abstracts will be submitted to the British Journal of Pain, it is very important that the above is recorded correctly, particularly names and co-authors. We cannot alter this once it has been submitted for publication. Please also note the following before completing the online submission form:


  • The Abstract Title should be limited to 25 words The title should make it instantly clear what the poster is about. Please do not use abbreviations or acronyms. Try to make it snappy and attention grabbing in order to make your work stand out.

  • Abstract text – limited to 500 words Poster abstracts must be submitted in English with accurate spelling and of a quality suitable for publication. One table can be included in abstracts. Please do not include illustrations/figures but they may appear on the poster. The poster itself, for display at the Symposium should be formatted in PDF or Powerpoint format.

  • No Identifying Features (such as hospital name) may be listed in the title or text of the abstract.

  • Abstracts Should Clearly State the: Title, Background, Aim and Objectives, Methods, Main results, Conclusions.

  • There is no limit to the number of abstracts an author may submit.

  • Agreement All abstract submitters must agree and confirm the following upon submission: that you are the sole owner and/or have the rights of all the information and content provided to NAPS. The publication of the abstract (if chosen by the judges) does not infringe any third party rights including, but not limited to, intellectual property rights. Submission of the abstract constitutes your consent to print and/or electronic publication of your abstract (e.g. meeting website, programme etc). Therefore it is important to let us know if the abstract has been published or presented at any other meeting prior to the NAPS meeting.

  • A declaration that you have received ethical committee approval/exemption for your study or that no ethical review is required

  • That you will disclose any conflict of interests in your poster and/or oral presentation at the Symposium.

  •  Abstract selection and presentation: This year all abstract authors shall be invited to display their posters online. 

  • All submitted abstracts shall also be entered into a competition. The abstracts shall be peer-reviewed and judged on both quality and originality prior to the event (see below). A 'blind' selection process will be used. Notification regarding abstract winners and scheduling shall be sent to the presenting author. Author(s) of the three best abstracts shall be invited to give a 10 minute oral presentation of their work which will feature as part of the event online. 

  • You are responsible for the data accuracy and ensuring you have permission to publicise this in a public conference. 

  • All submitted abstracts shall be published on the NAPS website. The winners, and any highly recommended abstracts, shall be submitted for publication in the British Journal of Pain.


The Judging Criteria

  • The topic of the study represents an important or emerging area of science or clinical practice relevant to acute pain.

  •  The background provides sufficient rationale for pursuing the study questions

  •  A clearly stated objective and/or testable hypothesis is presented

  •  The study design is strong and appropriate for testing this hypothesis or fulfilling the study objective

  •  The results are clearly presented and appear sound based upon the data collected

  •  The discussion reflects a responsible and scientifically credible understanding of the results

  •  The conclusions are consistent with the hypothesis being tested or study objective.

  •  The layout of your poster

The Display Guidelines for the Symposium Online

All posters must be A4 HORIONTAL. The aim is to tell a story that is clear and could inspire others. It should communicate all the key points you want to get across without any additional explanation. The following guidelines are recommended for best display of your poster:

  • Include the title and all authors at the top

  • Poster fonts should be clearly readable

  • The main conclusions should be concise and understandable

  • Keep text as brief as possible

  • Use section headings to make key messages on your poster stand out

  • Ideas should flow from section to section in a logical manner

  • Pictures and diagrams add visual interest to your poster

  • The viewer should gain new knowledge or insight by visiting your poster

  • Adding your email address or Twitter handle gives people the option to get in touch if they want to know more about your work.

All submissions will be acknowledged but kindly bear with us due to the volume of late entries.

Please do not hesitate to call us on +44 (0) 20 38 58 78 09 should you experience any difficulty or email paula@Cloud9em.co.uk

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