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Welcome to the National Acute Pain Symposium Archive

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Therapeutic Care Interventions to reduce Acute Pain amongst Hospitalised Patients: A Pilot Study

The use of tunnelled intrathecal lines with externalised pump systems for end-of-life care in terminally-unwell cancer patients with intractable pain

The Quality of Pain Management in fracture Patients with Skin Traction

Review of different types of analgesia for Emergency Laparotomy patients: National Emergency Laparotomy Audit (NELA)

Retrospective audit assessing the impact of PAINAD scale on identification and treatment of pain in cognitively impaired adults unable to verbalise their pain.

Do Continuous Rectus Sheath Blocks Reduce The Need For Opioid Analgesia And Imporve Recovery Following Major Laparomoty?

Evaluation of Penthrox analgesia for intralesional Bleomycin therapies

PCA and Trust Policy: Do we just “set and forget”?

Pain Management of Patients with Chronic Pain undergoing Emergency Abdominal Surgery

Evaluating the incidence and severity of pain within a District General Hospital 

Pain, the 5th Vital Sign: Evaluating compliance in documenting pain assessment after making pain assessment part of vital signs.

Intravenous Lidocaine- Can it Lower Ileus Rate and Length of Stay in Major Colorectal Surgery? A Retrospective Analysis of ERAS Data

Getting Our Message Across: Developing the Pain Link Nurse Role

Evaluation of Penthrox analgesia for intralesional Bleomycin therapies

Evaluating current Nursing Knowledge and Attitudes towards pain assessment and management within a district general hospital

Epidurals and Anticoagulation: Still Clueless? 

Education Provided by the Acute Pain Team: Time and Effort Down the Drain?

Comparison of the efficacy of Epidural Diamorphine and Fentanyl in combination with Local Anaesthetic for post-operative pain relief.

Challenges of Pain Assessment in Independent Healthcare – The reality

A survey of discharge analgesic strategies for lower limb arthroplasty

A retrospective audit of post-operative epidural analgesia in a large NHS Trust over a ten-year period

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An Audit of Chronic, Non-Cancer Pain Patients Experiences of High-Dose Opioid Treatments – Patients vs. Clinicians

Does Preoperative Psychology intervention affect outcomes in hip and knee arthroplasty patients?

Therapeutic Care Interventions to Reduce Acute Pain Amongst Hospitalised Patients: A Pilot Study

High-Dose Opioids for Managing Chronic Non-Cancer Pain: ​ A survey of Patients and Clinicians​

Critical Incidents in Pain: How safe is our practice?

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Dr Andrew B Nash, Dr Elaine O’Shea, Debbie Branney, Lauren Anstee, Alison Thomas, Ieuan Hopper, Dr Marina Malaffo

Chloe Dillon MBPsS and Shannon Fitches

Ying Gong and Dr. Sujesh Bansal

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